Friday, August 27, 2010

At Work

So while studying animation, I also work as a graphic designer here on campus... You know, to pay the bills and stuff... Graphic design is something I enjoy but I am not always free to be creative, and most of my work winds up being pretty ordinary. Once in a while, however, I do get to experiment a little. Here is a poster I put together for the copyright licensing department. It probably won't be used because it is less than conservative.


Bradimus Prime said...

They might use it if you put a shirt on those rippling pecks.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Where'd you get that picture of me?
Awesome design.

Joey! said...

That's an appealing design. That is why it appeals to me. If it goes unused it can only be by the behest of a dense and unsophisticated rube.

Skoticus said...

You asked for two cents:
I like it a lot. It has a great punch to it, pun intended but otherwise sincere. I recognize that you are going for a fractured look, but I think that too much of the word copyright is cut off. It is the main idea, but the layout right now emphasizes the word "hard."

I really, really like the starburst where the punch is landing.

Needs a squirrel somewhere, though, maybe the top right corner. And kittens, everyone loves kittens.

nathanellisperry said...

that totally rules. if they don't use it they're a bunch of suckers.

Marcelo Vignali said...

That's some good graphics!