Monday, September 14, 2009

Still Not Finished

So now that school has started up again it looks like this project is coming to a halt. It's not finished and the fog doesn't really have me convinced either, but I thought I'd better post this one because the previous one has a pretty bad almost tangent in it. Nothing really turns out the way I want it too but I sure did learn alot along the way.

Any suggestions with the fog?


Joey! said...

First off, Scott, This project is looking amazing! My suggestion for the fog would be to create a nice set of stylized, solid shapes to represent the fog and then lower the opacity of them as needed. I think that could look good with a similar textured look to what you've already put on the trees and grass and stuff. Oh, and also, I don't know anything about design so if you don't like this suggestion simply disregard it.

Scott C. Gwynn said...

Thanks Joey. Suggestion not disregarded.

nate said...

It is looking pretty freaking awesome. maybe you should try using cooler tones in the fog. it might help to make it more convincing. just to let you know your art rocks my socks!