Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hansel and Gretel Visual Developement

I've been working on my own versions of Hansel and Gretel for months now. I've already created some paintings, and a mountain of sketches, most of which aren't fit to post. The only thing I think I might add would be another distant mountian to the right of the house.

By the way, I finished up the image using some great photshop brushes from Bit Box. Quality stuff.


nathanellisperry said...

excellent work scotty! i enjoy the style. is this something youve been working with for a while? with the flat shapes?

and id second you on your thoughts on the addition of a mountain to the right.

Scott C. Gwynn said...

Actually this is the first time I've taken a stab at the flat shapes style. I'd been surfing around and noticed a lot of professionals in animation use a flat style for concept art. Just wanted to give it a try.

I liked it because it helped me focus more on the design of the environment and not get so wrapped up in the details.

nathanellisperry said...

yeah man it worked out great. i was actually watching some looney tunes last nice and noticed how much they use the flat shapes in their environments.

so where are you going with this? childrens book? secret? top secret? classified?

Aaron Ludwig said...

This is awesome. Nicely done!